Sailor-suit girls High school girl is a video of a telecaque adolescent dancing with a cousin

From “Yupa chan. Chan” which put out many good videos that I tried to dance

“Yupashin.” And a cousin’s telekakusi It is a movie that I tried dancing in adolescence.

Both uniforms are good for uniform clothes (^ ^)

It seems to be posted for the first time in half a year, but without stopping it,

I have posted a video I tried dancing on a regular basis while increasing the sense.

Many children stop getting tired soon,

I feel happy when there are children who keep on steadily like this child (^ ^ ♪


【Yupack.】 Telekakishi I tried to dance at adolescence 【and my sister】

0:06 0:31 1:23 1.25 1:38

It is a child without inner type who wears a sailor suit.

Many children are beaten when there is no inner child inside This child seems to be okay.

I do not quite understand girls’ draws (^ ^;)

JC JK パンチラ 生パンチラ 黒パン 制服 

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