It seems that he tried playing a potato strike game with whole thigh!

Up skirt Hello everyone I love! It is Kikusuke of the manager. (^ ^)


We have already entered summer vacation earlier in the area!

Everyone was having fun memories of summer vacation as a child

Is not there a lot?


However, adults have a way to enjoy adults’ summer vacation. Lol


Actually, since I succeeded in finding a video that I had previously gotten comments on,

I would like to introduce the movie this time!


Well then! !




【Happycheer】 I applied a potato rico!

“Pupu cat” chan is this movie to hit this taste!


Friends gathered together and doing it very happily,

It is a pretty boring movie to those watching in Gudaguda. Lol



If I thought that everything was striped tights all the way up was black. (^ ^ ♪


This girl I really like stripes. (^ ^ ♪

But white socks are too mysterious! Lol







Appeal Pooh with squat sitting! ! Everyone looks happy. (^ ^)


Memory that I enjoyed going to a friend’s house a long time ago

It was a good movie that will revive. (* ‘▽ `*)


That’s it! Thank you very much. (^ ^)


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