[Sad news] I have not danced at all!

I made too much for the foreplay, and it is incomplete past the peak at the time of insertion.

Is not there a possibility? Lol

Hello everyone, this is Kisuke of the manager.


As I will tell you the title this time,

I have not danced at all! (But, it’s erotic! Haha)

I will introduce the movie. (^ ^)

Let ‘s keep on with the first one!



[Junior High School students] Tickling ♥ Tickling! I tried confrontation ☆ (first part)


These girls are said to be “TEENAGERS”, but what on earth are they?

I was with a group of model and dancers,

Does this video run by themselves?

I do not understand a little bit, but whichever way is OK. Lol



It seems to be wearing a shorts! Lol

I do not know whether there was a request,

It is erotic enough at the time of the planning that tickles. Lol



Shoot from this angle? Is it? Lol

Both of us are cute and I’m terrible. (* ‘▽ `*)

Although he seems to be losing if he tickles and makes a voice,

Such an erotic plan Who thought about it? Lol

Let’s go to the next video! It is!



[Junior High School students] Tickling ♥ Tickling! I tried confrontation ☆ (second part)


Of course it is the second part as I introduced the first part! (^ ^)

This is already aiming perfectly! Lol

If it is all done by ourselves, it is a terrible thing! (゚ Д ゚;)

But what I am doing after the second part,

Just being tickled forever! Lol

It’s just erotic! (* ‘▽ `*)



But I’m good at it! (^ ^)

Surely, it will be Suwbesubesu ♪

Every daughter is cute! (^ ^)

Since it seems that you want an advertisement fee,

Please look carefully! Lol

The next video will go on!


【Elementary and middle school students】 Fast drinking confrontation with a feeding bottle!


Next is the same kids as before! (^ ^)

What’s the next topic is Baby Bottle Drinking Confrontation! It is!

Who the heck are you thinking? Is it? Lol



Even if I know that I am aiming …

This girl is so pretty, is not it ~ (* ‘▽ `*)

It is a place that seems to be very soft! It is!



It’s cute! It is! I have a bad face! Lol

This girl drinks late,

As a penalty game, you will finish another drink at the end.

For Kisuke is a bonus game! (^ ^ ♪



I got a nice picture! It is! (* ‘▽ `*)

It was a video introduction of more cute girls! It is! (^ ^ ♪


Those who read this article are also here ♪

Cute little girls 3 people dance to the songs of peach cloves!

[Pcolle] Movie work review [Munition 32]



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